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Brocha de Afeitar Taylor of Old Bond Street  Pure Badger

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pure Badger shaving brush

Ref: TP1020

Taylor of Old Bond Street  Pure Badger  shaving brush. This pure badger shaving brush will provide the most demanding of you with a proper shave. This brush will give you a rich, creamy lather that will allow to shave like a true gentleman. This Taylor of Bond Street brush has been made to cleanse your skin and lift your unruly hairs. It has been finished off with an imitation ivory handle that allows you a comfortable shave. The soft hairs that have been used for the bristles will remain pliable and in the same soft state for many years to come. We recommend that you rinse the brush in warm water after use to keep it in pristine condition.


✔️ Prepares the skin for shaving   ✔️ They should be dried well
✔️ Ideal drying upside down    ✔️ For sensitive skin
✔️ Absorbs a lot of water to make soap