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Slick Gorilla had its genesis in the streets and barbershops of Leeds in 2016, becoming deeply rooted in urban culture. While its volumising powders have transformed the global hairstyling scene, the brand never loses sight of its origins. While Slick Gorilla products are now used all over the world, the essence of urban culture remains a mainstay.

In the vibrant scene of the streets and barbershops of Leeds in 2016, Slick Gorilla found its roots, establishing a unique connection to the authenticity of urban culture ever since. Over the years, the brand has evolved, bringing its imprint to corners of the world.

Today, Slick Gorilla products are global style ambassadors, with its volumising powders being true pioneers in the art of styling. Yet despite this international expansion, the brand remains true to its origins, constantly reminding us of the energy of the streets where it was born.

This commitment to urban culture is not only part of Slick Gorilla's history, but also drives its vision for the future. Each product not only carries with it innovation, but also the essence of a brand rooted in authenticity and a passion for personal expression through style.